A Linkedin search  for company Simplilearn resulted in 50 suspected fake profiles. Reverse Images searches were performed with TinEye and Google Image Search . Comments to the right 

​How to spot a fake profile on LinkedIn. To see fake examples click here.

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1 Adam Pine
2 Alex Wood other image clock
3 Ayman Hassan Uses Logo for Picture
4 Bobby Anderson
5 Charles Banks Not sure fake
6 Chris Jones Past and now uses logo
7 Chris Vincent
8 Darrel Young Stock Photo
9 Dave Anderson Uses Drawing
10 David Paul Stock Photo
11 Dennis Pace
12 Dina Smith
13 Eric Foster Stock Photo
14 Gary McDonald
15 George Rich
16 Harry Wilson Stock Photo
17 James Synder
18 Jeff Anderson Stock Photo
19 Jeff Davis
20 Jeffery Young
21 Jessica Simon
22 John Taylor Cartoon Image
23 Karen Wilson Stock Photo
24 Kevin Green Stock Photo
25 Leisley Tudor Logo for Photo
26 Lisa Martin Uses Logo for Picture
27 Mark Brown
28 Mark Waugh
29 Michael Harper Stock Photo
30 Mike Taylor
31 Nathan Carter
32 Patricia Taylor
33 Randy Wilson Uses other image
34 Rijin Thomas Suspected Fake
35 Robert Miller
36 Shery Johnson
37 Stanley Parker
38 Steve B  This is actually Mahesh Karthick
39 Steve Jones Stock Photo
40 Steve Matthews Stock Photo
41 Steven Smith Harvard Graduate Yes!!
42 Susan Miller
43 Titus E
44 Tom Pace
45 Tracy Anderson No Photo
46 Tricia Page Stock Photo
47 Victor Kane
48 Vivek Thomas Suspect
49 Will Diaz 
50 William B